Thursday, February 4, 2010

Carlos's Mum in our class grade 5!

Today, Friday 5th of Feb, one of my best friends, Carlos, his mum came to our class. Carlos's mum was talking to us about Writing and Exposition. She also read us part of the story like in the middle, The story is called " Zac files trapped in the unatural museum" i think thats how you spell it, never mind if its the wrong spelling. I really enjoyed it and we were about to watch a movie called The Princess Bride but then there was no sound. LOL

U10 Soccer Tournament!

On 3rd of Feb wednesday 2010, i was in Turf City Singapore and our school which is EIS, we versed against OFS, Chatsworth and Avedale. Good news, we won a gold medal!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Essential Agreement for being a Principled Blogger!

I will:

  • Be responsible for anything posted in my name
  • Say where I got my information/photos from (Be academically honest)
  • Only use first names (And last initial if necessary)
  • Not post personal information about other people or myself (E.g.addresses, emails etc)
  • Keep my content school-appropriate
  • Only link to appropriate webites
  • Share my opinions by agreeing or respectfully disagreeing with others
  • Not say anything I wouldn't say in school
  • Try to use correct spelling(abbreviatins ok!)


Knock, Knock, Knock, is anyone home?
"I think so!"
"Yeah what?"
"Can I come in?"
"Of course not!"
"AAWW :(."
"Bye bye!"


Yo mama is so fat, in Japan, Tokyo, When it was raining, your mama was wearing a yellow rain coat and then this man he thought she was a taxi so he said " Taxi, taxi come here!"

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My favourite games WEB!

Here are some really cool games website:

6. ( this is where you find every AWESOME games!)


Well, I have this really cool website that you can download any single gameyou want for your psp or ds or even dsi. Firstly you must follow me and then you must give me you email so i can send you the link and very important YOU MUST DO VERY GOOD COMMENTS ok? :)